Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flea October

I have compiled some of the flea markets that are going to happen for the month of October in Singapore. Hope this helps Singapore readers! (Because, as a starting 'flea-er' and 'thrift-er' myself, I find it quite a hassle to find information on where to get all the stuffs.) Let me know if you have found more to add on!

Not sure which is good, but I really hope to go to all of them and get many good deals!
  • 3rd October

Flea Market @ Minden Road (Dempsey 130)

12pm- 6pm

Find out more here

  • 3rd - 4th October

Eureka Bazaars @ Fort Canning (Fort Gate)

1pm - 8pm

Find out more here

  • 3rd-4th, 17th-18th October

Fleazaar @ Chinatown Garden Bridge

12pm- 9pm

Find out more here

  • 10th- 11th October

Flea Culture @ T3

11am - 9pm

Find out more here and here

  • 18th October

What the Flea!- Back to basics @ Cairnhill CC

10am - 5pm

Find out more here

  • 31st October

Fashionista Series 4 (Halloween Special) @ SMU

1pm- 8pm

Find out more here

  • 7th November

Flea-tique @ SAM

6pm - 1am

Find out more here


  1. I can only imagine flea markets in Singapore to be amazing! My favorite market in the world (no exaggeration) is Jetajak in Bangkok. Oh how I miss it!

  2. Yah, I heard about the one in Bangkok, but have yet set foot there though I have been to Bangkok a couple of times. Will make it one of my desired travelling locations!

  3. So many flea markets! You are so lucky! I would love to go to any of them

    Polly x

  4. so many! you're lucky, i wish i could go so them! all the flea markets here are going to end in the next month :(

  5. oh wow that's awesome! i wish i could go to some of those! amazing! can't wait to see what you find!

  6. thanks for this. i've also compiled some useful links on my blog sometime back, tagged under flea. i haven't been flea'g much lately. have you been to the dempsey130 flea?