Thursday, September 3, 2009

DIY flower accessory

I think all the beautiful accessories I see on people's blogs and on etsy is making me a little mad. Mad enough to take up this DIY job. ROM is coming in less than 1 weeks time and I have decided to make my own head piece, inspired from Green Wedding Shoes.

Unfortunately I do not have nimble fingers nor do I have any good fashion sense. The head piece turned out quite differently from what I hoped for. The netting I got was far too hard to shape and the holes are too small hence it would look funny to design the netting over my face. I then tried to salvage it with little crystals I pasted at the edge of the netting. Now it looks like a little flower and netting cap. Should I wear it for ROM? shucks...........

Think I look like a drug addict in the not enough sleep.

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