Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lace fetish DIY- Part 1

I am totally in love with lace, but not the kinky kind of style. Firstly I am still in search of that perfect lace dress that I see on The Snail and the Cyclops and Liebemarlene Vintage. These lovely ladies always have such immeculate taste.

Next, I am in love with peter pan collars and especially the lace kinds. Rhiannon gave me the inspiration to get my own lace collars and add them to my clothes. She did such a lovely job and found such a beautiful collar.

I don't have many beautiful dresses to attach collars too, and neither did I have the luck to find such beautiful collars. But, I must say I am quite satisfied with my 3 lace collar finds in Chinatown. They were ranging from S$4+ to S$7. (I am super tempted to buy more and collar all my clothes!)

I have a few projects I hope to undertake, and to start off I picked the easiest. I have many t-shirts that I am bored with, and thought that the lace collar would spruce up the look a bit.

So...ta dah! I am planning to wear it tomorrow for work. Recently the haze is making the cool September much warmer, so the T-shirt should keep me from melting.


  1. The collar is such a nice detail. I'm craving a lace dress like that too...but they seem hard to find!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I wore the T with black skirt, and I look odd. I must find better matches. Good luck for your search for a lace dress, I'm working hard for mine! :)

  3. Lace and collars are 2 of my favorite things! I love your DIY! Why do I never find such cool things in the Chinatown in my city?

  4. Thanks Amelia! Guess we have the same faves! Singapore Chinatown is quite an interesting place, perhaps I should take some pics the next time I'm there! :)

  5. this is brilliant. where in chinatown can i find these lovelies? thanks for answering my earlier question re Dulcetfig.

  6. Hi! There are shops above people's park food centre. The 2nd floor sells fabric, while the 3rd sells clothes. There are 2 stalls on the 3rd floor selling things like lace and ribbons. Both of them sell lace collars, but the selection is rather limited. The owner says they do not have new stocks coming in anymore.