Monday, September 21, 2009

Coco before Chanel

This must be the nicest holiday weekend in a very long time. Yesterday was thrifting trip. Today is movie day! I had long wanted to watch Coco before Chanel when it first released but was busy. This weekend, it was boy who suggested it! I was thrilled as I thought he would find it a bore.

I decided to dress up with a little inspiration from Chanel for the movie. I love several things about Chanel, the pearl necklaces, the tweed jackets, the 2.55 and I remember Chanel as having chic primary colours especially the combi of black and white.

So I wore my new black and white dress from Furfur I got during Tangs sale, pearl necklace my grandma gave me, my trusty vintage Coach, newly bought check thights from Uliqo and Newlook shoes. I wanted to give my black and white outfit just that hit of colour so chose the check tights instead of black ones. I would much love to pair the dress with cream lace tights, and hope I can find one soon.

If this Furfur dress looks familiar, it's because I took a pic of it in the dressing room and posted it sometime ago. But it had longer hem and sleaves which I altered to give it a slightly more chic fitting.

I must say boy and I loved the show. Besides knowing the life of Chanel, it showed how the life of women was before and inspires women to be independent. It also brings out the idea of risks and daring to be different, taking paths others do not dare to.

Besides that, the costume, of course, was another area to focus. I loved her masculine suits and dresses. Then it was the hats she made, and the bow in her hair she wore during one of the dinners. Finally, the white tweed suit. Have you watched it yet?


  1. aw wow i really want to see that movie! i dont know if its out yet in Canada though!
    Lucky girl! And that dress couldn't be more perfect! so Chanel inspired! :) You look stunning! xo

  2. I love your dress! Perfect Chanel viewing outfit. I still need to see this film as well.

  3. I haven't seen this movie yet but can't wait to do so! I think your outfit is so fitting for the occasion.

    Your dress is so great with that peter pan collar and I love your tights! I've been wanting a pair of check tights and cream lace tights as well. I have no idea where to get them, though.

    Thanks for commenting and following my blog! I very much appreciate it and will be coming back to yours.

  4. I am so flattered you all like my dress! *blush*
    P.S: Rebecca, the tights are inspired by you!
    Diane, your dressing actually reminds me of some of the styles in the movie, you must catch it.

  5. Happy early birthday! Your wishlist is wonderful! I always use my birthday as a valid and justifiable excuse for more shopping!! :)