Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fleeing Flea

Thank you all for the sweetest comment about my ROM. I can't wait for next year, when I would be holding my Chinese traditional wedding. Now I am busy looking for a flat, so that boy and I can shift into a home we call our own. It's really not that easy, when the prices of flats keep sky rocketing and we have a budget to keep.
The moody portriat is because I was so much looking forward to this weekend to visit flea markets (there were 3 scheduled). However, the one I wanted to visit the most was postponed.
But of course new clothes always make my day. After seeing all the nautical themed posts by Erin and Elin I was keeping my eyes open with sailor inspired clothings. Then I chanced upon this dress that I just could not resist. I didn't know how to style it though. Tried with a cute hat on hair, red ribbon... (pardon my messy bed that I was stepping on...I wanted to capture my star.)

I finally decided to pair it with black tights, cause the day was just too windy. The hair accessories were all left at home, cause they don't like gloomy weather. Despite all the gloom, it did not rain. I managed to convince boy to take some photos at a park near the estate that we went house hunting and I was so excited there.

Dress and shoes: Far East

Thights: Uniqlo

Purse: Vintage Aigner

We went to Chinatown, where I was hoping to catch the flea market. It was however dissapointing, with only a couple of stalls. On the bright side, it was mid autumn festival and Chinatown was brightly lit for the occassion, and crowded with tourists and locals alike.

I must post my favourite food from Chinatown, fried dumpling and fried carrot cake! Yum! The best is the dumpling, which is so fragrant and slighly crispy on the outside and has juicy minced meat on the inside! Chinatown sells the best I tried so far.

Though this weekend had a cloudy sky and missing flea markets, all was still happy with the photo session and yummy dinner. Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

P.S: The lovely Elin shared a photo- editing software on her blog, hence the different look of my photos this week. Thank you so much Elin!


  1. The star is really cool. Great dress!

  2. That dress is marvelous; love the long row of buttons.

  3. that dress really is perfect! I love how high the waist starts! at first i thought it was a perfectly paired shirt and skirt!