Monday, October 26, 2009

A beautiful Wedding and an expanding dress

This weekend was a beautiful one. I witnessed my dear friend marry the love of her life. The reception was at this amazing restaurant, it was open air and next to this beautiful garden.

We even found a couple of beautiful peacocks gracing this memorable occassion!

A is an old friend of mine and boy's. We go back all the way in our uni days. She was my teammate and a great training partner, where we practised hard and went for competitions together. My boy was our senior and trainer... hee... that's how I met him.

Thrifted Vintage crochet dress: Salvation Army

Slip: Metro

Gold Rim Vintage suede purse: Etsy

Stockings: Uniqlo

Shoes and layered pearl necklace: Far East

All well ends well! I was still worried about the dress before the wedding. It shrunk for 2 inches after wash, though I stretched about 1 inch back after the wash. This amazing crochet dress decided to expand by itself throughout the day of my wear! Now it's back to the original length! (Now I have to mend the few big holes created by my violent stretches...hee)

Wonder if this outfit looks Chanel- ish, cause she is my inspiration! Black and white and layered pearls!

This weekend was the most beautiful, also because it's me and boy's first attendance to a wedding as a married couple. It feels so special just witnessing our dear friend take her vows when she just witnessed us take it a month ago.

Beautiful place card for me and my boy! A drew it and coloured it herself!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bag lady

Thank you so much for all those kind comments left for my previous post. All of you are so sweet, I am truely blessed. I was perhaps on one of my more cranky moods during the other post (as I had no one to vent to regarding my mistakes, as boy was not in town). I have since then learnt to love my sleeveless version of Chole dress, and tugged about 1 inch back from my crochet dress (but not so gently, creating a big hole to mend in front...won't bother me that much). I have also decided to heed the advise and take the velvet jacket to the cleaners, with the beads intact!

This weekend is super sweet, cause I recieved my goodies from etsy! So my outfit today is meant to match my beautiful vintage tapestry bag! I realised I didn't have much clothes that were block coloured, I had gotten several dresses with prints recently. I didn't want to overpower the beautiful flora on the tapestry bag, hence layered two plain slips.

Dress: Layering of 2 slips (Cotton On/ Far East)
Shoes: NewLook
Vintage Tapestry Bag: Etsy

Boy and I went for dinner at a Hong Kong style cafe. Boy loves bread with loads of butter, hence the 2 huge toasts. We had cheese baked rice (served in a chinese style steam basket), I was so hungry that I ate it before I took my picture (evident in the photo).

Tomorrow is my good friend A's big day. I plan to wear my crochet dress and carry my another new vintage bag that just came today! Hope the look turns out nice and I am sure I will have a great time at her dinner. So how was your weekend so far?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liberation and disspointments

I'm back! Recently work had been so hectic that I could hardly breath and now I finally feel liberated. Thank you so much for showing your love to The Banana Legs, she is happily sitting on my laundry hangers and yearn for a next outing. :P
I hardly had anytime to dress up or take any pictures the past week. But before this hectic period I did go for some thrift shopping and did not post my finds. So with liberation I decided to picture and launder them tonight since they have been sitting there for so long.
This beautiful navy silk dress is apparently from Chloe, and this lady at the flea market told me it is brand new but a factory reject. However, I cannot take long sleeves in this weather so I hecked the sleeves off.

Dissapointment 1) An idea initially beautiful did not turn out that fine. Sigh, due to my bad sewing skills when trying to hide the seams at the armhole. Now I wonder if I should have let the beautiful sleeves stay with the dress. Alas, no turning back, as the sleeves are rather ruined.

My next find is this beautiful long crochet vest like and dress like thing I found at Salvation Army. I intended to wear it over a slip and attend my friend's wedding that is coming this weekend. So, I brought it for a wash as the texture felt a bit funny.

Dissapointment 2) I have too little experience washing vintage items and I washed it in soap and warm water. To my HORROR, it SHRUNK! Now it's 2 inches shorter and could hardly be worn as a dress! I almost wanted to cry out, I ruined 2 beautiful dress in one night! I wonder if it would be longer when it's dry? Anyone have advise on how to launder vintage clothes?

My last find is this beautiful velvet bolero jacket with an amazing beading at the cuffs, and the edges are lined with beautiful black trimmings.

I initially wanted to remove the beads as I had no idea what kind of look the beads can match with. However, they look just so beautiful that I just can't help but admire. I did not dare to launder it yet as I have no idea how it would turn out. Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on how to wear this? Or, should I just sell it to someone who love the jacket more than me? Hmmm...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Journey of the Banana Legs

The Banana Legs is out on a great journey. She is a little bored sitting in the closet, and decided that a little walk in the park would perk her up!

When tired from the walk she sat on benches and trees.

After which she continued her adventure.

Dress: Cotton On

Tights and Shoes: Far east

Belt: Isetan

Little Hat hair pin: Aries

Unfortunately she couldn't find her way home and was left in the bin.

Will The Banana Legs return?

Friday, October 9, 2009

First Etsy purchases

My recent obsessions all have a name to place to them on the source of inspiration.
1) Tapestry bags - Jessica of What I Wore(as seen above), Effie of The Snail and the Cyclops
2) Velvet dresses- Lauren of Blooming Leopold, Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage, Rebecca The Clothes Horse

The list of coverts goes one but I am very glad that I am able to find these two items, and velvet dress was actually on my birthday wish list in September too.

I've not gotten anything on Etsy before, though I have been doing window shopping for months. I think I am off to a good start with these 4 purchases!
I have no idea why I got 2 black dresses, when I set out to find dreamy coloured 50s day dress. The velvet dress just caught my eye with the cute lace, and the black tux like dress just looks so versatile. Both from Hold My Gold Vintage. Which era do you think they are? How should I style them? Exciting!
My shopping list for bags actually consists of brown satchel and tapestry bag. So I was very excited when I saw this cute and big one from GreenDragonLady. However, the suede black bag with gold rim caught my eyes from Hold My Gold Vintage, when I was searching for the dresses. Since they have a promotion for shipping of 3 items, I knew the bag had to be mine. A brown bag would have to wait.
The total damage = USD$84 including shipping !
Not too bad, considering shipping is usually so expensive to get here from the states.

I can't wait for the items to arrive!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Donuts and Birthday

I usually don't have time during weekdays for any outings or outfit photos. But it happened to be boy's birthday this week! We met up after work, and decided to go for a simple dinner. But before dinner we went past Dunkin Donuts. They closed down in Singapore for the longest of time, but now reopened at Ion! I decided that I must go in to savour some memories. They have the funniest of local flavours (cheezy tea...), I chose the safe choice- chocolate! Yum!Since it's boy's birthday, it's my treat! I brought him to this lovely restaurant, P.S Cafe. Sadly, the cafe does not allow photography. So I only managed to sneak a photo of myself in the beautiful rest room (the top photo).

Not to be mistaken, this is not my work attire. But since the weather turned cooler recently, i took the chance to wear my blazer and stockings over my newly thrifted mini brown dress with lovely ruffle details at the bodice. Boy said I look a few years older in this outfit... hm...

Dress: Thrifted from Salvation Army
Belt: Isetan
Blazer: G2000
Stockings and Shoes: Far East
Bag: Vintage Coach Willis from Ebay
Hair accessory: Aries

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am sure Coco Chanel is such a inspiration to many. I chanced upon this book, "Coco Chanel: Three Weeks 1962" by Douglas Kirakland, in the library and thought I shared a few pictures and quotes from this wonderful picture book. Do check out this book!

You can spot Coco Chanel in the picture, with her beautiful white tweed hat and her pearl necklace. Though it is not clear in the pictures, her designs are so beautiful, simple with small delicate details.

(sorry for the blur pics, as I do not have a scanner)

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the women."

"Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future."

~ Coco Chanel

Fleeing Flea

Thank you all for the sweetest comment about my ROM. I can't wait for next year, when I would be holding my Chinese traditional wedding. Now I am busy looking for a flat, so that boy and I can shift into a home we call our own. It's really not that easy, when the prices of flats keep sky rocketing and we have a budget to keep.
The moody portriat is because I was so much looking forward to this weekend to visit flea markets (there were 3 scheduled). However, the one I wanted to visit the most was postponed.
But of course new clothes always make my day. After seeing all the nautical themed posts by Erin and Elin I was keeping my eyes open with sailor inspired clothings. Then I chanced upon this dress that I just could not resist. I didn't know how to style it though. Tried with a cute hat on hair, red ribbon... (pardon my messy bed that I was stepping on...I wanted to capture my star.)

I finally decided to pair it with black tights, cause the day was just too windy. The hair accessories were all left at home, cause they don't like gloomy weather. Despite all the gloom, it did not rain. I managed to convince boy to take some photos at a park near the estate that we went house hunting and I was so excited there.

Dress and shoes: Far East

Thights: Uniqlo

Purse: Vintage Aigner

We went to Chinatown, where I was hoping to catch the flea market. It was however dissapointing, with only a couple of stalls. On the bright side, it was mid autumn festival and Chinatown was brightly lit for the occassion, and crowded with tourists and locals alike.

I must post my favourite food from Chinatown, fried dumpling and fried carrot cake! Yum! The best is the dumpling, which is so fragrant and slighly crispy on the outside and has juicy minced meat on the inside! Chinatown sells the best I tried so far.

Though this weekend had a cloudy sky and missing flea markets, all was still happy with the photo session and yummy dinner. Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

P.S: The lovely Elin shared a photo- editing software on her blog, hence the different look of my photos this week. Thank you so much Elin!