Sunday, November 29, 2009

Restyling of DIY ROM dress

I couldn't bear to just wear my ROM dress once, since I took so much pain to make it. My cousin's wedding was the best time to wear it again! I was the MC for the dinner that night, hence it was the best excuse to be slightly dressy.

I did not want to wear it all white like my ROM, hence decided to restyle it. My original dress had a self- made white lace belt. I changed it to a black belt.

You can see my original post here.

Since the dinner hall is going to be cold, I wore my thrifted black velvet bolero with beaded edges. I also brought along my vintage suede purse with gold edges. So glad my bag and love for vintage became a talking piece between me and my aunt.

This is the beautiful scenary of the Clarke Quay from the hotel where the dinner was held. And below are my goofy pictures around the hotel.

Vintage Dress outing

Nothing much to post. This is just a vintage dress outing. Had this dress for the longest time but yet to wear it out. Had to get the hem shortened, but hecked too much of the lining such that it could be seen.
Bought the dress because of the embriodery and the flower designs at the collar area!
Dress: Vintage
Straw Clutch: Thrifted at flea market (for S$1!)
Belt and shoes: Far East

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holly Golightly

It's been some time since my last outfit post. This week was a perfect opportunity for a new post as I had a theme party for a dinner at my workplace. The theme was "Of Hats and Wigs". After little consideration, I knew my direction had to be vintage. With my new obsession for black and white (influence from Chanel), I decided to go as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

It was a really fun party. Much more, the fun started before the party! My collegues came over to my house to dress up. I helped a few of them with their make up. I had a cert, but with little practice I was very nervous when helping them. Am so glad they liked it.
About my outfit. My dress and bag are vintage, both from Etsy. The highlight of the dress is the cut out lace below the bustline. It's so beautiful and a couple of them thought it was a beautiful belt. The hat was dressed up with my old white sash to look the part. I also took a old make up brush and my collegue helped me attach his cigerette on it.
So do I look my role?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Closet Family

Recently Strawberrykoi Vintage made a post on comfort dress. I just made 3 purchases recently, and I think they are my comfort dresses.
Boy is so busy recently, so shopping comforts my lonely heart. :P There are also some unexpected changes in work that is making me really worried about my work life next year. I am also wondering about my future, "What is it that I really want to do for the rest of my life? What is my calling?".
Now I am waiting (not very paitently) for these dresses to come and join my newly set up family of vintage clothes!
Oh, just to share that I am the ONLY one wearing vintage and second hand among my friends (though I just started recently), and I am super happy when I get compliments recently about my vintage finds. *Big Smiles*

Market Publique : chitownvintage

Ebay: Midwest Vintage Modern

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Favourite looks

Hi! How are you all doing? It's been a long time since I last posted. Sadly during this period I had no outings whereby I could dress up. How I yearn for another trip out with my Boy (who is ever so busy now).

So during this period, I kept my mind busy with outfits on other girls who inspire me! So this post is dedicated to these amazing ladies and tribute to some beautiful pictures and my favourite outfit they have. (sorry for the long list of photos...cause they are all so beautiful...I can't choose)

Rebecca is ever so amazing in mix and match, blue and green is something I have never tried mixing. The dear creatures dress is one dress I would so love to have.

Lauren and Rhiannon are a pair of beautiful sisters with an amazing eye for fashion! I totally love Rhiannon's 50's day dresses and Lauren's velvet dress.
Strawberry Koi Vintage
Aya is a beautiful lady with a beautiful wardrobe of vintage dresses. Her day dress looks very Betty Draper and the can you believe it that she made her hood and the little max suit her self. (Doesn't her son Lucien look so adorable!)


Erin always looks so lovely and she has this amazing roof top where she takes her pics! The girl scouts outfit made me want to snatch one from students, and the scallop details of the jacket is just amazing.

Sally Jane Vintage

She has the most beautiful day vintage dresses that looks chic and photos taken at amazing places, need I say more?


Elin is such a stunning young lady. She makes me want to have her red hair and all her pretty frocks!

The Snail and the Cyclops

Beautiful lady with a dream closet full of romantic frocks. I love lace and pink... need I say more?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bag outings and a concert

Thank you once again for the sweet comments on my crochet dress and A's lovely wedding!

This week my Boy and I went round for hotel hunting for our chinese wedding next year. It's such a tedious job, but I tried to make it slightly more fun. Each time we went for a hotel outing, I had a different vintage bag outing too!

Bag Outing 1: Vintage Aigner Bag from Ebay

This lovely bag was my 2nd vintage bag! Totally love the reddish brown leather and the amazing clasp with the Aigner logo. My collegue was so in love with it that she asked me to search for a same one for her. But I think I have yet to find any "twin" to my bag.
Pink sleveeless dress from Far East

Pink T- Shirt with DIY lace collar

Shoes from Topshop

Book "Coco Chanel A Biography"

Bag Outing 2: Vintage Tapestry Bag from etsy

I have always wanted to have a tapestry bag even before I started buying vintage. This lovely bag has a velvety feel to the floras and they "change colour" when seen at different angles! So far I do not have very good ideas on how to match this bag and am looking at other blogs for inspirations.

Grey T shirt from cotton on

Black skirt given to me by friend C

Belt and shoes from Far East

Bag Outing 3: Vintage Black Suede bag with gold rim

This is my latest buy from etsy! Pictures really don't do justice to it's lovely suede texture, which is still amazing despite the age. The gold rim just makes it even more lovely!

Dress from dorothy perkins

Black stockings from uniqlo

black oxfords from far east

Book "Coco Chanel A Biography"

This weekend my Boy and I had a special concert to go to. The concert had lots of elderly performing traditional chinese songs, and the crowd was mostly double our age.

Grey dress and black cardigen from Far East

Vintage Suede bag with gold rim

Black stockings from Uniqlo

Black Oxfords from Far East

The age of performers and crowd wasn't what made it special. It was the performers. My mom sang in the choir for the starting and ending (she's the one on the extreme left!) and my dad sang solo for 2 songs! While I met boy in my uni sports club, my mom and dad met years ago in the choir! Now that they have retired they are back singing. Wonder if boy and I will take up activities together next time when we are old.