Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was a hectic, wedding weekend. 2 of my friends got married, and one of which asked me to be in her team of bridesmaids.  I had lots of fun dressing up for this eventful weekend!

 Black Dress: Asos
Belt: Zara
Strappy wedges: Shubar
Bag: Chanel
Necklaces: Pearl (gift from Aunt), Crystal (gift from Grandma)

Olive Convertable Dress: Smooch (gift from the bride to all bridesmaids!)
Shoes: Anna Nuci
Bag: Chanel
Corsage: One of the bridesmaids got in in KL, so pretty!

It was such great fun with this group of sisters!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red with Passion

Red hearts shows my feelings for the day, all passionate! It was my wedding anniversary (090909)! Thus I was decked in my husband's favourite colour: RED. A red dress and red hearts to show him my love.

I don't know why but I had been craving for Korean food quite a lot recently. Guess I love the spice and I had been watching one too many Korean Dramas. The red dress nicely hides all possible stains I would get from our BBQ session.

 Dress: H&M (Got it in Switzerland)
Belt: Zara
Pumps: Newlook
Socks: Topshop

So what did you wear for your anniversary? :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

What happened...

I must really apologise for being such a bad blogger. It's been more than 1/2 a year since my last post. SO much had happened. I went to Europe (Switzerland and Paris). Love it there!
Shifted into my own flat! It was more than a year of saving money, planning and now it's the final touches of packing and decorating.
I left my job of 5 years. A job that I love and I miss my colleagues a lot. But I am doing it so that I have a chance of pursuing my passions of fashion and make up. So I am looking for a job now. Wish me luck :)
In the mean time, I have set up a blog with a friend who is in Sweden now. Check out. :)
I have also started posting in chictopia and took up DIY projects like making accessories. Life is exciting. :) Hope to be blogging more often now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brother's wedding 2

Bro's wedding in Singapore finally came. It is at the beautiful Hort Park. So of course I must dress up for it.

Being so busy at work I had no time to shop for a new dress. So I took the same lace dress I wore to his Kluang wedding and matched it differently. If you remember, my first match was with a white slip and now I paired it with black puffy skirt and tube. Which look do you prefer?
I realised that styling short hair needs more effort than long hair. Do you like it? I pleated one side and curled the other side the added a flower pin.

Bro and sis- in- law... sweetest moment for them!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Brother's Wedding in Kluang

1st post of 2011, of course it must be about my brother's 2nd Jan 2011 wedding in Kluang.

I have never been to Kluang, it's quite a quiet little town. But I must say the wedding lunch was sumptious ! Slurp...

My brother and my mommy :) Do I resemble them?

My bro and sister- in- law having their nuptial toast.

Me and my hubby :) Sweet?? :P

Of course, my outfit :)
Lace dress from Topshop
Shoes and earrings from Tokyo (bought during honeymoon!)
Coach wristlet from US
He is having another ceremony in Spore and it's garden theme... hm...what should I wear? :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Issn't winter just wonderful

It's been so long since I posted! Happy belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

It was a hectic year... but a beautiful one... now here are some pictures of my HONEYMOON!
WEEE!!! It was a fantastic trip to Japan!

Tokyo Disneyland!

At Hakone, Owakudani

In my ryokan where they let me choose my yukata! Pretty!

Spore is hot 365 a year, so it was a great break in the cool weather and the best chance to wear something different from my normal garbs!
What say you? Winter wear? Summer wear? :) hmm....
K... My new year resolution is to take more time to do postings!!! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mango Fashion Show

Ooo, this is my first time going for a fashion show! Singapore is having the Audi Fashion show this week and my dear friend FT has got free tix to Mango's fashion show, and I was so honoured to be invited along with her!
The dress theme stated on the card was "simplicity", so this was what I wore.

This is my favourite dress from the whole show! Layered lace! Should I get it?

My 2nd favourite dress, a lace dress in heavier lace fabric.

Love the sequined jacket!

Love her hair...

Love the skirt..

Love this whole look , including the bag....

My photography skill is not good, so I could only show these few pictures.