Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boy and Me (and my DIY dress)

7 years ago we first held hands at East Coast Park, taking our first step into this beautiful relationship.

7 years later on this very same day and same place, we took our oath to love each other for the rest of our lives.

This is the story of boy and me. We met in University, he was my senior in Taekwondo. 1 year after, we decided that we were more than just friends and started the 7 year courtship. When deciding when and where to hold our marriage registration, the answer was quite clear. To hold it at the same date and place where it all started.

So on 090909, it's where we start our drive to new life!

Knowing that I would still have a traditional chinese wedding next year. Almost everything for my outdoor ROM is DIY by me, for I wanted to enjoy the process by getting more involved.

I sent out personalised invitations I made ( you can see from previous posts). I decorated the place with flowers and sashes I bought form Arab street. I bought fresh flowers and made my own bouquet. I bought lollipop and decorated with butterfly clips as wedding favours (can be seen from previous posts too). Most IMPORTANTLY (and INSANELY) I made my own dress and my headpiece.

I started with a base dress (a pure white plain sundress), and sew on chiffon like material and lace. I decorated the bodice with some lace and chiffon scales like pieces. The back of the dress was made to look like some mini terrain, with a slighly longer and flowy piece. The dress is an inspiration I got from something I saw on Etsy with some changes.

I saw many brides on greenweddingshoes having beautiful birdcage headpieces, hence decided to make my own.

All my DIY items were not perfect, but I guess it's the process that I will enjoy and always remember.

P.S: I only received the pictures today hence the late post. My photos were taken by beautiful day bridal.


  1. Aw that is so sweet! Great photos and AMAZING job on the dress and headpiece. I wish you both a long, happy life together. :}

  2. SO beauitful! I was about to comment that your dress was amazing, then I read that you made it yourself! You did a stunning job. I was married nearly a year ago, and had a birdcage veil as well.....i loved yours! Congratulations!

  3. thank you! your comments are too kind.:) if you had seen the details of the dress it's quite a mess with the stiches. :P

  4. awwww wow Ashley congratulations! you look absolutely gorgeous and I really can barely believe that dress is DIY! It looks like something straight out of a Betsey Johnson store or something!!!!!!
    this really is inspiring! I think DIY weddings are quite possibly the most romantic!

  5. Aww, what a sweet post! Cool pictures :)

  6. gorgeous!! wow, you made the dress and headpiece?? they are both so lovely, as are you :) the tiers on the dress are my favorite.

    best wishes to both of you!

  7. Thank you so much! These comments are so encouraging! I so hope to start other sewing projects (this dress is my first sewing project :P )!

  8. Oh my gosh, these photos are wonderful! I can't believe you made that dress; it's gorgeous and I love that you made it a strapless. You guys make a beautiful couple!

  9. this is beautiful and wonderful and inspiring! the photos are lovely and i am so happy for you!