Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Desires

Birthday is just a couple of days away. I don't really feel anything special in the happy way, instead I do feel that bit older. This will be my first birthday as a Mrs. Damn, I don't like that address. (I will load more pics of my registration when I get the pics! My chinese traditional though will be next year, so another round of photos in 2010.)

Don't think there would be any celebrations, boy is super busy and wonder if my friends are free too. I was still hoping to find a birthday dress to go out for celebrations, guess that might not happen.

One happy thought though is that I can use my Birthday as an excuse to buy more stuff legitimately! So here are the things I wish for! Looking at my list, I really am greedy.

Physical Items

1) A beautiful vintage brown satchel .

Something like this I saw in Modcloth. By the way, I don't get it why everytime I get into Modcloth, everything under the vintage section is sold. I must be too slow.

2) A vintage velvet dress.

I see so many bloggers having such beautiful vintage velvet dresses so I decided that I too must have one! Bloggers like Liebemarlene Vintage (with the dress below), Blooming Leopold and The Clothes Horse. They all have such great eye for fashion and always seems to find the best dresses! Envy!3) A vintage cream lace dress

I have posted this before, but I must do it again as I dream of a cream lace dress like that of The Snail and the Cyclops everyday.

4) Other Vintage Items
I have been doing my window online shopping and saw many beautiful items. Cute tops, cheerful skirts, beautiful 50s dresses... the list goes on...

Non- Physical wishes

1) I wish for good health. Best is that my knee will recover soon so that I can get back to proper exercise routines.

2) I wish for happiness. Weekly time spent with boy is short (cause of our busy schedule) but always happy.

3) I wish for a better eye for fashion and luck for my thrifting and shopping trips! (Thrifting trips will be my new hobby!)

4) Better writing skills and photography skills (for the blog).

I end off with wishes for all (those I know personally and those sweeties out there whom I don't) whose birthday falls close to mine!
- My Brother (same day 3 years apart...unplanned by mom)
- My Boy ( soon in Oct)
- My Grandma ( a few days after mine)
- Lauren of Blooming Leopold (who celebrated hers recently with an amazing dress and great time with famiy


  1. Whoops....I was catching up on your blog posts, and accidently left my comment that was for this blog post, on the one below it!! Sorry about that!! :)

  2. No worries! :) Thanks for your wishes! ;)

  3. I have the same thing with Modcloth - everything is always sold!

    Polly x

  4. Great clothing wishlist, and I love your nonphysical wishes. Goal setting is fun. :}

  5. I'm so addicted to velvet; it's so soft and lush! I hope you eventually get everything on your list. Happy birthday to you!
    P.S. Since my fascinators are vintage I find them in vintage shops, Etsy, and eBay. Sometimes I search for "vintage hat" and then I find a fascinator instead of the full circle hat.