Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brother's wedding 2

Bro's wedding in Singapore finally came. It is at the beautiful Hort Park. So of course I must dress up for it.

Being so busy at work I had no time to shop for a new dress. So I took the same lace dress I wore to his Kluang wedding and matched it differently. If you remember, my first match was with a white slip and now I paired it with black puffy skirt and tube. Which look do you prefer?
I realised that styling short hair needs more effort than long hair. Do you like it? I pleated one side and curled the other side the added a flower pin.

Bro and sis- in- law... sweetest moment for them!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Brother's Wedding in Kluang

1st post of 2011, of course it must be about my brother's 2nd Jan 2011 wedding in Kluang.

I have never been to Kluang, it's quite a quiet little town. But I must say the wedding lunch was sumptious ! Slurp...

My brother and my mommy :) Do I resemble them?

My bro and sister- in- law having their nuptial toast.

Me and my hubby :) Sweet?? :P

Of course, my outfit :)
Lace dress from Topshop
Shoes and earrings from Tokyo (bought during honeymoon!)
Coach wristlet from US
He is having another ceremony in Spore and it's garden theme... hm...what should I wear? :)