Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre- ROM

This is so funny, posting my pre- ROM items after my ROM. Considering that most of the items for my Chinese Wedding would be prepared by others, I decided that I cannot miss all the fun for ROM hence got my hands down and dirty. Heehee. Well, the items may not be nice, but I think this will leave more memories for me.

These are my wedding favours! Cute butterflies on the lollipops.

Before the ROM we had to go to the registry to confirm details. I am so glad we decided to have our ROM outdoors. If not, we'd be queueing for our turn to go into the room (seen above), just like visiting a doctor at a clinic. I took a chance to take a pic at Fort Canning.

Dress, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Vintage Aigner

This is a sneak peak of my ROM before the photographer passes me the pictures. I bought artifical flowers from Arab Street, sashes from Chinatown and decorated the venue myself. The only regret is that there wasn't enough sash to make the venue nicer. Oh, my venue was East Coast Park, Castle Beach! I was totally blessed with lovely weather!

I am also revealling my major DIY project that needed my 'Brother'. It's my ROM dress. I bought a base dress, which is a plain white sundress, and sew on cloth bought from Chinatown. The design is inspired from something I found online. You decide if it's a pass or fail project. My flower headpiece was also improved (from my previous posting). My hand bouquet was also DIY with flowers I bought from Cold Storage.

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