Saturday, September 19, 2009

Debut Thrifting trip

Today is a lovely day! Though it was drizzling and cloudy the whole day I was in a fabulous mood.

1. It's the perfect weather to wear the new thights I bought!
2. It's my first time going for a thrifting trip!
3. I bought some lovely items on my first thrifting experience ( I am sure more is to come...I'm already planning in my mind!)
4. Went for a lovely stroll with my boy at the Botanical Gardens

With so many reasons, you can imagine how happy I am today!

Singapore has only 2 seasons... Hot or Wet. :P So it was a wet and slightly cooler day today, perfect for a fall inspired attire.

Plaid dress: French Connection

Belt: Cotton On

Tights: Uliqo

Cut out Oxford shoes, Glasses, Hair Bow and Bag: Far East

When I got to Salvation Army Praise Haven I was so engrossed with searching for items that I forgot to take pics. I picked 3 dresses, though all of them don't seem to be considered vintage. They are probably from early 90s to around 80s? 1 black dress with a interesting open back and translucent pleats. 1 black dress with small circle prints. 1 brown dress of a tweed like material. It costs me a total of S$24. The dresses were originally S$10 each, but there was a store wide 20% sale! WEEE!!! ( They all look quite duh when pictured will post their individual pics when I wear them!)

I was rather dissapointed that I could not find any nice bags. I actually saw a cute tapestry bag, but it was not the size I wanted, what a pity.

Next, I went to a flea market! It is situated outside Tanglin Mall and is held only twice a month. It's my first time there. There were many stalls selling clothes, but they were all strewn on the floor in huge piles and people were just digging in. My knee is not in a shape where I could kneel and squat comfortably so it was difficult to look. But non the less I found a cute straw pouch for S$1! I think with a nice broach pinned on it would look terrific as a clucth!

Perhaps for my next thrifting trip I should task myself with a budget to get an outfit like what Sally Jane Vintage does! That would be so fun! How I wish though that Singapore thrift shops have more treasures like those in the states. Sally Jane Vintage manages to find such beautiful items and even vintage coach bags! Would I be so lucky the next time?


  1. Olá!
      Eu amei seu blog. Adicionei aos meus favoritos, ok?
      Grande abraço e bom fim de semana.

  2. Hello!
    I loved your blog. Added to my favorites, ok?
    Big hug and good weekend.

  3. Hi Evelyn! I am totally flattered! *Blush*

  4. i went thrifting today too! didn't know tanglin's running a flea too. i also read there's one on haji lane. i went to flea titan. you can find some of my buys on my blog.

    the dress in the centre looks nice. so's the silver one. picture's really too tiny. hope to see you do outfit posts of them soon. i seldom scored gems at praisehaven (oh ya i got a brand new dress at 20 bucks there and i dunno where it is now after having worn it twice only). terrible. i think the serangoon one is a better treasure trove.

  5. Oh! I'll make sure I visit serangoon some day!