Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flea October

I have compiled some of the flea markets that are going to happen for the month of October in Singapore. Hope this helps Singapore readers! (Because, as a starting 'flea-er' and 'thrift-er' myself, I find it quite a hassle to find information on where to get all the stuffs.) Let me know if you have found more to add on!

Not sure which is good, but I really hope to go to all of them and get many good deals!
  • 3rd October

Flea Market @ Minden Road (Dempsey 130)

12pm- 6pm

Find out more here

  • 3rd - 4th October

Eureka Bazaars @ Fort Canning (Fort Gate)

1pm - 8pm

Find out more here

  • 3rd-4th, 17th-18th October

Fleazaar @ Chinatown Garden Bridge

12pm- 9pm

Find out more here

  • 10th- 11th October

Flea Culture @ T3

11am - 9pm

Find out more here and here

  • 18th October

What the Flea!- Back to basics @ Cairnhill CC

10am - 5pm

Find out more here

  • 31st October

Fashionista Series 4 (Halloween Special) @ SMU

1pm- 8pm

Find out more here

  • 7th November

Flea-tique @ SAM

6pm - 1am

Find out more here

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boy and Me (and my DIY dress)

7 years ago we first held hands at East Coast Park, taking our first step into this beautiful relationship.

7 years later on this very same day and same place, we took our oath to love each other for the rest of our lives.

This is the story of boy and me. We met in University, he was my senior in Taekwondo. 1 year after, we decided that we were more than just friends and started the 7 year courtship. When deciding when and where to hold our marriage registration, the answer was quite clear. To hold it at the same date and place where it all started.

So on 090909, it's where we start our drive to new life!

Knowing that I would still have a traditional chinese wedding next year. Almost everything for my outdoor ROM is DIY by me, for I wanted to enjoy the process by getting more involved.

I sent out personalised invitations I made ( you can see from previous posts). I decorated the place with flowers and sashes I bought form Arab street. I bought fresh flowers and made my own bouquet. I bought lollipop and decorated with butterfly clips as wedding favours (can be seen from previous posts too). Most IMPORTANTLY (and INSANELY) I made my own dress and my headpiece.

I started with a base dress (a pure white plain sundress), and sew on chiffon like material and lace. I decorated the bodice with some lace and chiffon scales like pieces. The back of the dress was made to look like some mini terrain, with a slighly longer and flowy piece. The dress is an inspiration I got from something I saw on Etsy with some changes.

I saw many brides on greenweddingshoes having beautiful birdcage headpieces, hence decided to make my own.

All my DIY items were not perfect, but I guess it's the process that I will enjoy and always remember.

P.S: I only received the pictures today hence the late post. My photos were taken by beautiful day bridal.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Banana Legs @ F1

You must be wondering, "What a funny title." I never intended a blog post for these two days. Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a simple dinner with boy after work near his workplace before he continued his OT. So I didn't even take any birthday pictures.

Today he asked me over to his workplace again as it had a view of the F1 race tracks. I must say I was rather excited and decided that i must dress up for the occasion. It's to me the modern version of going to the horse races. I had wanted to dress up like I'm going to the races, but had no fascinator nor hat to complete my look. Instead I based my look on my new black dress trifted from Salvation Army recently.

This dress has an open back and very interesting translucent sides. It's quite evident that the previous owner didn't like the straight cut look, hence cut up the skirt and added the chiffon like material to make it A-line. Suprisingly it adds interest to this dress.

I didnt want to be in all black, so I decided to try it with this new pair of yellow stockings. I must say the effect was very attention grabbing. I passed by a few people who stared at me, and many who were trying to hide their sniggering. I kind of felt like a walking banana. But I must say I still like the colour (despite my not very good reception of the public).

Dress: Thrifted from Salvation Army

Bag: Vintage Coach Willis

Yellow Stockings and Black shoes: Far East Plaza

Belt: Miss Selfridge

Though it's the second year F1 night race is held in Singapore, it's my first time experiencing it so close. The noise was deafening. We were 1 bridge away from the tracks and I had to shout to boy to speak to him.

The white bridge in the picture is where the tracks pass.

The view from the building was wonderful. But frankly after the initial excitement, the cars were just going round and round...again. Guess this is only the practise rounds, it should be more exciting on the finals this Sunday.

The view of the tracks from the building. The white bright lines are the lighted tracks. Sorry for the blur pictures. I am not good with night photography, and there was reflection from the building windows too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Desires

Birthday is just a couple of days away. I don't really feel anything special in the happy way, instead I do feel that bit older. This will be my first birthday as a Mrs. Damn, I don't like that address. (I will load more pics of my registration when I get the pics! My chinese traditional though will be next year, so another round of photos in 2010.)

Don't think there would be any celebrations, boy is super busy and wonder if my friends are free too. I was still hoping to find a birthday dress to go out for celebrations, guess that might not happen.

One happy thought though is that I can use my Birthday as an excuse to buy more stuff legitimately! So here are the things I wish for! Looking at my list, I really am greedy.

Physical Items

1) A beautiful vintage brown satchel .

Something like this I saw in Modcloth. By the way, I don't get it why everytime I get into Modcloth, everything under the vintage section is sold. I must be too slow.

2) A vintage velvet dress.

I see so many bloggers having such beautiful vintage velvet dresses so I decided that I too must have one! Bloggers like Liebemarlene Vintage (with the dress below), Blooming Leopold and The Clothes Horse. They all have such great eye for fashion and always seems to find the best dresses! Envy!3) A vintage cream lace dress

I have posted this before, but I must do it again as I dream of a cream lace dress like that of The Snail and the Cyclops everyday.

4) Other Vintage Items
I have been doing my window online shopping and saw many beautiful items. Cute tops, cheerful skirts, beautiful 50s dresses... the list goes on...

Non- Physical wishes

1) I wish for good health. Best is that my knee will recover soon so that I can get back to proper exercise routines.

2) I wish for happiness. Weekly time spent with boy is short (cause of our busy schedule) but always happy.

3) I wish for a better eye for fashion and luck for my thrifting and shopping trips! (Thrifting trips will be my new hobby!)

4) Better writing skills and photography skills (for the blog).

I end off with wishes for all (those I know personally and those sweeties out there whom I don't) whose birthday falls close to mine!
- My Brother (same day 3 years apart...unplanned by mom)
- My Boy ( soon in Oct)
- My Grandma ( a few days after mine)
- Lauren of Blooming Leopold (who celebrated hers recently with an amazing dress and great time with famiy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coco before Chanel

This must be the nicest holiday weekend in a very long time. Yesterday was thrifting trip. Today is movie day! I had long wanted to watch Coco before Chanel when it first released but was busy. This weekend, it was boy who suggested it! I was thrilled as I thought he would find it a bore.

I decided to dress up with a little inspiration from Chanel for the movie. I love several things about Chanel, the pearl necklaces, the tweed jackets, the 2.55 and I remember Chanel as having chic primary colours especially the combi of black and white.

So I wore my new black and white dress from Furfur I got during Tangs sale, pearl necklace my grandma gave me, my trusty vintage Coach, newly bought check thights from Uliqo and Newlook shoes. I wanted to give my black and white outfit just that hit of colour so chose the check tights instead of black ones. I would much love to pair the dress with cream lace tights, and hope I can find one soon.

If this Furfur dress looks familiar, it's because I took a pic of it in the dressing room and posted it sometime ago. But it had longer hem and sleaves which I altered to give it a slightly more chic fitting.

I must say boy and I loved the show. Besides knowing the life of Chanel, it showed how the life of women was before and inspires women to be independent. It also brings out the idea of risks and daring to be different, taking paths others do not dare to.

Besides that, the costume, of course, was another area to focus. I loved her masculine suits and dresses. Then it was the hats she made, and the bow in her hair she wore during one of the dinners. Finally, the white tweed suit. Have you watched it yet?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Debut Thrifting trip

Today is a lovely day! Though it was drizzling and cloudy the whole day I was in a fabulous mood.

1. It's the perfect weather to wear the new thights I bought!
2. It's my first time going for a thrifting trip!
3. I bought some lovely items on my first thrifting experience ( I am sure more is to come...I'm already planning in my mind!)
4. Went for a lovely stroll with my boy at the Botanical Gardens

With so many reasons, you can imagine how happy I am today!

Singapore has only 2 seasons... Hot or Wet. :P So it was a wet and slightly cooler day today, perfect for a fall inspired attire.

Plaid dress: French Connection

Belt: Cotton On

Tights: Uliqo

Cut out Oxford shoes, Glasses, Hair Bow and Bag: Far East

When I got to Salvation Army Praise Haven I was so engrossed with searching for items that I forgot to take pics. I picked 3 dresses, though all of them don't seem to be considered vintage. They are probably from early 90s to around 80s? 1 black dress with a interesting open back and translucent pleats. 1 black dress with small circle prints. 1 brown dress of a tweed like material. It costs me a total of S$24. The dresses were originally S$10 each, but there was a store wide 20% sale! WEEE!!! ( They all look quite duh when pictured will post their individual pics when I wear them!)

I was rather dissapointed that I could not find any nice bags. I actually saw a cute tapestry bag, but it was not the size I wanted, what a pity.

Next, I went to a flea market! It is situated outside Tanglin Mall and is held only twice a month. It's my first time there. There were many stalls selling clothes, but they were all strewn on the floor in huge piles and people were just digging in. My knee is not in a shape where I could kneel and squat comfortably so it was difficult to look. But non the less I found a cute straw pouch for S$1! I think with a nice broach pinned on it would look terrific as a clucth!

Perhaps for my next thrifting trip I should task myself with a budget to get an outfit like what Sally Jane Vintage does! That would be so fun! How I wish though that Singapore thrift shops have more treasures like those in the states. Sally Jane Vintage manages to find such beautiful items and even vintage coach bags! Would I be so lucky the next time?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling blue and tight

I have no idea what got into me, perhaps I had been reading too much of Rebecca, The Clothes Horse posts and What I wore. Taking pictures of myself and posing for pictures is quite new to me. I must say, Rebecca have the cutest poses. So, I decided to try something new today , instead of my usual fitting room setting.

It issn't very clear but I'm wearing a Giordano Tank with sequined collar, a sleveless blue dress from WoodWood and a belt with gold leopard from Ms Selfridge.

Think this is my first jump in 4 months since my knee operation...haha... so fun!

I am never a tights or leggings person due to the hot weather here. But I realised that the influence I get online is so great that now I WANT to get not a pair but a few pairs of leggings to go with my outfit. I never realised that leggins and tights give a outfit such a refreshing look! Here are a few looks that I heart, from a couple of my favourite bloggers! I want their leggings!!

Jessica from What I wore. Totally love her 2 color tights and her cream lace tights!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse is always in all these amazing tights! Colored, laced, patterned!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lace fetish DIY- Part 1

I am totally in love with lace, but not the kinky kind of style. Firstly I am still in search of that perfect lace dress that I see on The Snail and the Cyclops and Liebemarlene Vintage. These lovely ladies always have such immeculate taste.

Next, I am in love with peter pan collars and especially the lace kinds. Rhiannon gave me the inspiration to get my own lace collars and add them to my clothes. She did such a lovely job and found such a beautiful collar.

I don't have many beautiful dresses to attach collars too, and neither did I have the luck to find such beautiful collars. But, I must say I am quite satisfied with my 3 lace collar finds in Chinatown. They were ranging from S$4+ to S$7. (I am super tempted to buy more and collar all my clothes!)

I have a few projects I hope to undertake, and to start off I picked the easiest. I have many t-shirts that I am bored with, and thought that the lace collar would spruce up the look a bit.

So...ta dah! I am planning to wear it tomorrow for work. Recently the haze is making the cool September much warmer, so the T-shirt should keep me from melting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Denials of a Shopaholic

Shopping is my biggest hobby and should I say obsession. I can constantly see the angel and devil in my brains fighting about whether or not I need yet another outfit for my ever growing closet. This weekend they had a close fight. I bought 3 new dresses, but also managed to find sanity to let go of a few others. What is more comforting for my wallet is that all 3 purchases were on sale.
Anyway, this was what I wore for my shopping trip.
Dress and Slip: Cotton On
Bag and Shoes: Far East Plaza
Let me elaborate on the lost war of the devil. These dresses are such beauty that I have to blog about them though they don't belong to my closet.
I have been trying to find that perfect white full dress and when I saw this French Connection dress on sale, I had to have it. However it has this biggest flaw, the length. I have ugly huge trunks for legs and the short length of the dress exposes too much of my trunks. It looks almost indecent. So the angel managed to persuade me to wait for the right dress to come along instead.
Next is this gorgeous black and white dress, again from French Connection. This dress has the most beautiful cutting that makes me look slimmer (so rare)! It also has beautiful black beads sewn on. However, this was the last piece and there was a huge 1 inch length where the beads dropped and the white top was stained with other ladies' make up. I am also that slightly too fat for the dress ( I couldn't really stretch my arms comfortably). I wasn't ready to part with S$70 for a dress with so much problems.

I had been trying to find the right vintage plaid/checked dress online. However, the prices are all too steep when I add in the shipping costs. I was very excited when I saw this orange/black dress. It fits nicely and it was on sale! (once again French Connection). Though my shopping devil managed to make me part with my money, boy's comments made me rather sad. He said it looks like pjs.

My next purchase was really a spur of the moment. I saw this on the rack and it looks soooo retro and I knew I had to try it. The peter pan collars, the flower shaped buttons and the ruffles on the sleeves are soooo cute! Once again after my payment, boy commented that I look like a maid and asked me to get a white scarf to complete the look. ARGH.

This last purchase is my favourite of the week. I managed to convince my boy to come along with me to Haji Lane to find some vintage dresses. Every time I go to Dulcetfig I am so excited by the racks and racks of dresses and the beautiful bags. However, they are usually over my budget. Today I found this cute pastel coloured dress on the sale rack and just had to try it on. It is in this knit like material with white pink and blue strips. It has this beautiful scallop embroided neckline and flowers on the left chest area. So this marks my FIRST vintage dress buy! I am so excited. Now all I need to end of this shopping trip is yet another one to find the right accessories to match this darling! Hee hee.