Saturday, September 26, 2009

Banana Legs @ F1

You must be wondering, "What a funny title." I never intended a blog post for these two days. Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a simple dinner with boy after work near his workplace before he continued his OT. So I didn't even take any birthday pictures.

Today he asked me over to his workplace again as it had a view of the F1 race tracks. I must say I was rather excited and decided that i must dress up for the occasion. It's to me the modern version of going to the horse races. I had wanted to dress up like I'm going to the races, but had no fascinator nor hat to complete my look. Instead I based my look on my new black dress trifted from Salvation Army recently.

This dress has an open back and very interesting translucent sides. It's quite evident that the previous owner didn't like the straight cut look, hence cut up the skirt and added the chiffon like material to make it A-line. Suprisingly it adds interest to this dress.

I didnt want to be in all black, so I decided to try it with this new pair of yellow stockings. I must say the effect was very attention grabbing. I passed by a few people who stared at me, and many who were trying to hide their sniggering. I kind of felt like a walking banana. But I must say I still like the colour (despite my not very good reception of the public).

Dress: Thrifted from Salvation Army

Bag: Vintage Coach Willis

Yellow Stockings and Black shoes: Far East Plaza

Belt: Miss Selfridge

Though it's the second year F1 night race is held in Singapore, it's my first time experiencing it so close. The noise was deafening. We were 1 bridge away from the tracks and I had to shout to boy to speak to him.

The white bridge in the picture is where the tracks pass.

The view from the building was wonderful. But frankly after the initial excitement, the cars were just going round and round...again. Guess this is only the practise rounds, it should be more exciting on the finals this Sunday.

The view of the tracks from the building. The white bright lines are the lighted tracks. Sorry for the blur pictures. I am not good with night photography, and there was reflection from the building windows too.


  1. I really like your yellow tights, and your dress is adorable

  2. Mm I like the idea of yellow tights. I've always been drawn to being a bumblebee. And yes, you look darling. :}

  3. Many happy returns! Lovely outfit - great dress/tights combo! Oh and I love your bag!

    Polly x