Saturday, September 12, 2009

Denials of a Shopaholic

Shopping is my biggest hobby and should I say obsession. I can constantly see the angel and devil in my brains fighting about whether or not I need yet another outfit for my ever growing closet. This weekend they had a close fight. I bought 3 new dresses, but also managed to find sanity to let go of a few others. What is more comforting for my wallet is that all 3 purchases were on sale.
Anyway, this was what I wore for my shopping trip.
Dress and Slip: Cotton On
Bag and Shoes: Far East Plaza
Let me elaborate on the lost war of the devil. These dresses are such beauty that I have to blog about them though they don't belong to my closet.
I have been trying to find that perfect white full dress and when I saw this French Connection dress on sale, I had to have it. However it has this biggest flaw, the length. I have ugly huge trunks for legs and the short length of the dress exposes too much of my trunks. It looks almost indecent. So the angel managed to persuade me to wait for the right dress to come along instead.
Next is this gorgeous black and white dress, again from French Connection. This dress has the most beautiful cutting that makes me look slimmer (so rare)! It also has beautiful black beads sewn on. However, this was the last piece and there was a huge 1 inch length where the beads dropped and the white top was stained with other ladies' make up. I am also that slightly too fat for the dress ( I couldn't really stretch my arms comfortably). I wasn't ready to part with S$70 for a dress with so much problems.

I had been trying to find the right vintage plaid/checked dress online. However, the prices are all too steep when I add in the shipping costs. I was very excited when I saw this orange/black dress. It fits nicely and it was on sale! (once again French Connection). Though my shopping devil managed to make me part with my money, boy's comments made me rather sad. He said it looks like pjs.

My next purchase was really a spur of the moment. I saw this on the rack and it looks soooo retro and I knew I had to try it. The peter pan collars, the flower shaped buttons and the ruffles on the sleeves are soooo cute! Once again after my payment, boy commented that I look like a maid and asked me to get a white scarf to complete the look. ARGH.

This last purchase is my favourite of the week. I managed to convince my boy to come along with me to Haji Lane to find some vintage dresses. Every time I go to Dulcetfig I am so excited by the racks and racks of dresses and the beautiful bags. However, they are usually over my budget. Today I found this cute pastel coloured dress on the sale rack and just had to try it on. It is in this knit like material with white pink and blue strips. It has this beautiful scallop embroided neckline and flowers on the left chest area. So this marks my FIRST vintage dress buy! I am so excited. Now all I need to end of this shopping trip is yet another one to find the right accessories to match this darling! Hee hee.


  1. Thanks dear! :) I am thinking of reconsturcting a couple of them, hemming them shorter to give a more morder look. :P

  2. ya, lovely dresses. i want the black/white one myself! i've never stepped foot on Haji Lane, even when i was living nearby. have you bought from other vintage shops since then? is Dulcetfig still more expensive?

  3. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm very new to vintage, so this is my first buy for vintage clothing. I bought 2 vintage bags off Ebay though. Dulcetfig has very nice dresses that was ranging from S$100+ to 80+. This dress I got was S$40 on the sale rack (not super cheap but I just love the details). They are currently having a sale, do go and check them out!