Monday, August 31, 2009


I haven't had such fun in quite sometime. Today, there is a celebration at work and to my delight, the theme is "Retro". My collegues were all very sporting, and below is a pic of me and E. I blurted out laughing for like 3 times before we finally got it right. I felt so goofy in that pose, but E is such a pro, keeping a straight face throughout.

I have received a couple toy flowers over work, and had 2 to add to my collection today. Here is a peak of the lovely flowers gathering at my table to brighten my day.

Though I am very new to this workplace, my sweet collegues invited me along to a gathering. It was a bomb (though I totally suck at playing Wii)!
I decided to take more pics of my attire today at home, especially of the back row of buttons on my blouse which I think is so adorable.
Blouse: Chic Room
Skirt: Passed down from good friend C
Bag: Vintage Coach
Ribbon hairband: Far East

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brother's here

I have no date this weekend, sigh, boy is too tired. But a few days ago boy bought me a new toy, a sewing machine! I had wanted to buy one a long time ago, but never got down to doing it. I expressed to him my plan for a new DIY project which needs a sewing machine (I had done my previous projects hand sewing which was so tedious). To my surprise he got me one!

I don't think I'd reveal my project until its successfully done. (Think I have taken up too big a task, but I'd still have to show boy that his buy is worth it) Considering the problems I faced today, I am starting to doubt its completion. Well. I will perserve and hope it will turn out lovely. So while boy is busy, 'Brother' is here to accompany me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Love

My new love came in the mail today, in this mysterious looking brown packaging.

This... is my new love... a straw and leather mix Aigner handbag!

I love the design at the knob! But my only worry is that the bag looks rather flimsy, especially at the handles. I am a girl who likes to lug her whole house out. Guess I have to learn to travel light with this new baby.

I really don't know what to match this bag with. I don't seem to have anything in my wardrobe. Maybe this is just an excuse to get more dresses for my almost exploding wardrobe.

Think I will refer to Liebemarlene to get more inspiration. Anyway that's where I got the idea to bid for this bag. Now I kindda regret that I didn't bid for the exact same John Romain purse Rhiannon carries. Cause it looks like a more suitable size for me. Hmmm...

Doesn't she look just soooooooooo lovely! Can't wait to use my bag and hope I can achieve some similar look.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Calendar Girl

I think I must be a weekend blogger. I have nothing much happening during the weekdays, so I have compiled all my dressing of the week into one remix diary.

Brown Dress: Cotton On during sale
Slip: Far East Plaza
Oxford Cut Outs: Far East Plaza

Wide Leg Pants: Giordano
White Shirt: GG>5
Suspenders: Far East Plaza

Blue Flora Dress: Topshop during Sale
Belt: Far East Plaza
Shoes with ruffles: New Look
Bag: Vintage Coach

Strawberry T-Shirt: Bugis Street
High Waisted Shorts: Far East Plaza
Bag: Vintage Coach
Red Shoes: Top Shop

I must confess this is not my dress.
This beautiful white dress is from New Look.


Dress: Far East Plaza

Shoes: New Look

Bag: Vintage Coach from Ebay

Locket and Pearl Necklace: Pluck @ Haji Lane

Thursday, August 20, 2009


As can be seen from the number of entries to my blog, I am a newbie blogger. I believe how I started blogging is out of pure accident.
It started off with me having an interest in lomographic pictures and I chanced upon these very beautiful pictures from this lovely blogger, Elieen. While looking at her beautiful lomo pics, I found that she wore such lovely vintage clothes!
Captivating pictures taken by Eileen
This is the beautiful and talented Eileen
This started my interest in vintage/retro fashion. From her list of following blogs, I found other wonderful vintage fashion bloggers: Sally Jane Vintage; Liebemarlene Vintage; The Clothes Horse; The Snail and the Cyclops. I had a lovely suprise today, finding that Liebemarlene Vintage and Blooming Leopold are sisters!!!
This is lovely Sally Jane Vintage
This is beautiful Liebemarlene Vintage
This is cute The Clothes Horse
This is enchanting The Snail and the Cyclops
This is sweet looking Blooming Leopold
These beautiful ladies have such immaculate tastes in clothing and always seems to be able to find such lovely vintage dress and take such gorgeous pictures! Reading their blogs brings about such joy to my life. When will I chance upon such beautiful dresses and conceptualise such gorgeous pictures? Hmmmm.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DIY invites

This project is embarked purely out of a need to do basis. We are only sending out 14 invites for a guest list of round 30+ hence it does not make sense to get them professionally done. Think putting a personal touch to the invites seems more sincere, and these are out closest of friends, they deserve every minute of my time.
Given this period is very hectic at my workplace, this is the best effort I could put in to make the cards. The cards don't look fantastic, but they have my favourite compononets in them: Pink and lace.

Didn't show the back of the card, cause it has all the details of the invite. Hee.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Trip

It's the weekend again! It means I can go out with my boy, the happiest thing that I look forward to everyweek.
This week we needed to get our clothes for our ROM. So I dressed up a little for our trip, wearing one of the flora dresses I found last week. Its a delightful dress, the only problem I have is the back, where the opening is a bit too big for my comfort, but think it adds interest to this dress.

My hair knoted into a bun, with my current fav ribbon hairclip.

My first vintage bag and new suede shoes with ruffles from New Look.
Oh, I have just won the bid for another vintage bag! Can't wait for it to be shipped to Singapore!

I always admire how my fav bloggers take beautiful pictures in the nature. This is as much nature I can get around my house. Badly composed pictures I must say, I will have to try and learn.

We went to Far East and boy got his whole attire in one shop. I must say he looks stunning in that outfit. I teased him that he looks like F4, well he is my prince charming. I wasn't as lucky. I couldn't get what I want. There were 3 dresses I shortlisted, but all 3 had something I don't really like about them. My fav is a lace dress from Zara, but boy things otherwise. So I am still without a dress. This makes me grumpy. The most irritating part is I think I need to loose weight to have a nice fit in all the dresses.
We had dinner at this nice Korean restaurant. He loved the bbq beef, but not so much the Bibimbab.

I totally forgot about my own trip out to get some materials and my dress on the weekend. I was tired of dressing up all lady like in dresses, so I decided to get inspiration from the Korean girl hip hop style.

I have been trying very hard to find beautiful white lace dresses with scallop lace edges like those liebemarlene and the snail and the cyclops wore. (These lovely ladies are always in lovely dresses! My inspirations!) But, I can't seem to find them. This was the closest I found so far, but its not what I want. Hopefully I can find one by October to wear to my friends' and cousin's weddings.

Friday, August 14, 2009

DIY Tiara

Surfin around etsy you'd find loads of beautiful accessories, jewllery, vintage clothes and bags... What I found recently is this amazingly creative seller whichgoose, who makes headbands, tiaras and haircombs of the most beautiful designs!

This is one design she custom is soooooooo beautiful!!!!

This is the one that captured my attention and inspired me.

Having my ROM coming up soon, I did not want to risk having ship an item from US over in such a short time so I decided to DIY my own tiara. But of course, my lack of creativity and style showed obviously through my design. Now I wonder if I should still wear my tiara on my ROM or just go for some very safe flower hairpins I bought from Accessorise.