Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling blue and tight

I have no idea what got into me, perhaps I had been reading too much of Rebecca, The Clothes Horse posts and What I wore. Taking pictures of myself and posing for pictures is quite new to me. I must say, Rebecca have the cutest poses. So, I decided to try something new today , instead of my usual fitting room setting.

It issn't very clear but I'm wearing a Giordano Tank with sequined collar, a sleveless blue dress from WoodWood and a belt with gold leopard from Ms Selfridge.

Think this is my first jump in 4 months since my knee operation...haha... so fun!

I am never a tights or leggings person due to the hot weather here. But I realised that the influence I get online is so great that now I WANT to get not a pair but a few pairs of leggings to go with my outfit. I never realised that leggins and tights give a outfit such a refreshing look! Here are a few looks that I heart, from a couple of my favourite bloggers! I want their leggings!!

Jessica from What I wore. Totally love her 2 color tights and her cream lace tights!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse is always in all these amazing tights! Colored, laced, patterned!


  1. Oh, I think the dress is gorgeous on you! I love the color and shape.

    Rebecca always does have the perfect tights... if you are having trouble finding any, I know eBay will carry almost anything you could be looking for ;)

  2. Hi! Thanks, I actually bought a couple from Uliqo! I plan to buy more! I am so excited over leggings now!