Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Trip

It's the weekend again! It means I can go out with my boy, the happiest thing that I look forward to everyweek.
This week we needed to get our clothes for our ROM. So I dressed up a little for our trip, wearing one of the flora dresses I found last week. Its a delightful dress, the only problem I have is the back, where the opening is a bit too big for my comfort, but think it adds interest to this dress.

My hair knoted into a bun, with my current fav ribbon hairclip.

My first vintage bag and new suede shoes with ruffles from New Look.
Oh, I have just won the bid for another vintage bag! Can't wait for it to be shipped to Singapore!

I always admire how my fav bloggers take beautiful pictures in the nature. This is as much nature I can get around my house. Badly composed pictures I must say, I will have to try and learn.

We went to Far East and boy got his whole attire in one shop. I must say he looks stunning in that outfit. I teased him that he looks like F4, well he is my prince charming. I wasn't as lucky. I couldn't get what I want. There were 3 dresses I shortlisted, but all 3 had something I don't really like about them. My fav is a lace dress from Zara, but boy things otherwise. So I am still without a dress. This makes me grumpy. The most irritating part is I think I need to loose weight to have a nice fit in all the dresses.
We had dinner at this nice Korean restaurant. He loved the bbq beef, but not so much the Bibimbab.

I totally forgot about my own trip out to get some materials and my dress on the weekend. I was tired of dressing up all lady like in dresses, so I decided to get inspiration from the Korean girl hip hop style.

I have been trying very hard to find beautiful white lace dresses with scallop lace edges like those liebemarlene and the snail and the cyclops wore. (These lovely ladies are always in lovely dresses! My inspirations!) But, I can't seem to find them. This was the closest I found so far, but its not what I want. Hopefully I can find one by October to wear to my friends' and cousin's weddings.

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