Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Love

My new love came in the mail today, in this mysterious looking brown packaging.

This... is my new love... a straw and leather mix Aigner handbag!

I love the design at the knob! But my only worry is that the bag looks rather flimsy, especially at the handles. I am a girl who likes to lug her whole house out. Guess I have to learn to travel light with this new baby.

I really don't know what to match this bag with. I don't seem to have anything in my wardrobe. Maybe this is just an excuse to get more dresses for my almost exploding wardrobe.

Think I will refer to Liebemarlene to get more inspiration. Anyway that's where I got the idea to bid for this bag. Now I kindda regret that I didn't bid for the exact same John Romain purse Rhiannon carries. Cause it looks like a more suitable size for me. Hmmm...

Doesn't she look just soooooooooo lovely! Can't wait to use my bag and hope I can achieve some similar look.