Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Birth of a Nation

This is a backdated entry on what happened on the National Day weekend, since I started this blog late.

I recently got this addiction of reading fashion blogs and online (window) shopping [ too bad I do not have that much spare cash... if not I would love to remove the word 'window' and make my shopping happen more often...] This recent addiction made me quite determined to change my wardrobe into retro, vintage style. I believe this will set me in direction that I had be trying to find for the past 20+ years of how to style myself.
While I'm new to vintage stuff... I am quite apprehensive about getting items owned by others, being concerned about the quality. Hence I decided to start off with retro style (more or less) items.

This holiday weekend was a fasinating one where I found many (3 of them) dresses in beautiful flora prints! I am not sure how retro they look (since I'm so new to this style...i'm constantly trying to study it), I love them to bits ! To top it off, 2 of them were sale items (around 70% off!).

A very unflattering picture of my buys, will post nice pics next time to justify their worth.

I tried to dress up for the day too... going out for a meal (not a very appitizing one though I must say) with my boy. But the hols just pass too fast...as always.

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