Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My first vintage item

3 posts in 1 day does it make up for 3 years of inactivity?

Today came my first vintage purchase off ebay!!!! I had been waiting SOOOO long for it (though its the normal time for shipping...I just could not wait any second longer).
This is my first time receiving a parcel from the States (yeah...go ahead ...call me a country bumpkin). The bag came in a USPS package and the seller very kindly used magazine pages to cushion my lovely bag. She also left this sweet note. (think you can see her name on the paper)
So I spent my night doing some cleaning of the bag using leather mositurizer, and hopefully I will have pics of it in action soon!!!
OH! I forgot to introduce my bag. It is a lovely midnight blue coach willis bag! Don't think they produce willis in this colour anymore, so it will be a bag that I will treasure.
Oh yes, I first fell in love with this bag when I saw it on Sally Jane Vintage. She is such an inspiration!

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