Monday, October 26, 2009

A beautiful Wedding and an expanding dress

This weekend was a beautiful one. I witnessed my dear friend marry the love of her life. The reception was at this amazing restaurant, it was open air and next to this beautiful garden.

We even found a couple of beautiful peacocks gracing this memorable occassion!

A is an old friend of mine and boy's. We go back all the way in our uni days. She was my teammate and a great training partner, where we practised hard and went for competitions together. My boy was our senior and trainer... hee... that's how I met him.

Thrifted Vintage crochet dress: Salvation Army

Slip: Metro

Gold Rim Vintage suede purse: Etsy

Stockings: Uniqlo

Shoes and layered pearl necklace: Far East

All well ends well! I was still worried about the dress before the wedding. It shrunk for 2 inches after wash, though I stretched about 1 inch back after the wash. This amazing crochet dress decided to expand by itself throughout the day of my wear! Now it's back to the original length! (Now I have to mend the few big holes created by my violent stretches...hee)

Wonder if this outfit looks Chanel- ish, cause she is my inspiration! Black and white and layered pearls!

This weekend was the most beautiful, also because it's me and boy's first attendance to a wedding as a married couple. It feels so special just witnessing our dear friend take her vows when she just witnessed us take it a month ago.

Beautiful place card for me and my boy! A drew it and coloured it herself!


  1. This sounds like a gorgeous weekend! Your outfit is beautiful!

  2. That crochet dress is very pretty and it sounds like a wonderful wedding.

  3. You are so gorgeous! Lovely outfit as well, you are an image to behold ;)

  4. The place cards are so cool! Congrats to your friend, and I like those peacocks!

  5. Looks like a lovely wedding! I find that most people dread attending them, but I think they're quite fun. You look beautiful in your Chanel-inspired outfit!

  6. That dress is amazing....the first word that came to my mind when i saw your pic was 'chanel'...even before i had read that it was your i guess you were very successful in your endeavor!

  7. Wow really looks like a beautiful wedding and I can't believe those peacocks - they are amazing.

    So glad your dress stretched again, I had thought it might. You look really stunning in it, such a wonderful find

    Polly x

  8. hey, the hole-y dress worked in the end! the b/w photo is so nice. so rare to see peacocks parading their plumage.

    thanks for dropping by my blog. yes, the view from my ma's place is hard to come by in our country. i'm thankful for it. sometimes i forget to enjoy the view.

  9. So cute. I love your dress. These pics are beautiful!

  10. The peacocks are incredible, and I love your crocheted dress so much!