Thursday, October 8, 2009

Donuts and Birthday

I usually don't have time during weekdays for any outings or outfit photos. But it happened to be boy's birthday this week! We met up after work, and decided to go for a simple dinner. But before dinner we went past Dunkin Donuts. They closed down in Singapore for the longest of time, but now reopened at Ion! I decided that I must go in to savour some memories. They have the funniest of local flavours (cheezy tea...), I chose the safe choice- chocolate! Yum!Since it's boy's birthday, it's my treat! I brought him to this lovely restaurant, P.S Cafe. Sadly, the cafe does not allow photography. So I only managed to sneak a photo of myself in the beautiful rest room (the top photo).

Not to be mistaken, this is not my work attire. But since the weather turned cooler recently, i took the chance to wear my blazer and stockings over my newly thrifted mini brown dress with lovely ruffle details at the bodice. Boy said I look a few years older in this outfit... hm...

Dress: Thrifted from Salvation Army
Belt: Isetan
Blazer: G2000
Stockings and Shoes: Far East
Bag: Vintage Coach Willis from Ebay
Hair accessory: Aries


  1. that looks yummy! nice outfit too!

  2. your outfit is perfection. and that little treat ur eating looks delish! :)


  3. hi!!
    thank you for your comment@


  4. love the blazer & dress combo! that donut looks mm mm good :)

  5. mmmmm...chocolate dunkin donuts!!! Delicious! Love your outfit!

  6. aw wow your boy is a lucky guy! that sounds like a great way to celebrate!
    and wow your outfit is amazing!