Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liberation and disspointments

I'm back! Recently work had been so hectic that I could hardly breath and now I finally feel liberated. Thank you so much for showing your love to The Banana Legs, she is happily sitting on my laundry hangers and yearn for a next outing. :P
I hardly had anytime to dress up or take any pictures the past week. But before this hectic period I did go for some thrift shopping and did not post my finds. So with liberation I decided to picture and launder them tonight since they have been sitting there for so long.
This beautiful navy silk dress is apparently from Chloe, and this lady at the flea market told me it is brand new but a factory reject. However, I cannot take long sleeves in this weather so I hecked the sleeves off.

Dissapointment 1) An idea initially beautiful did not turn out that fine. Sigh, due to my bad sewing skills when trying to hide the seams at the armhole. Now I wonder if I should have let the beautiful sleeves stay with the dress. Alas, no turning back, as the sleeves are rather ruined.

My next find is this beautiful long crochet vest like and dress like thing I found at Salvation Army. I intended to wear it over a slip and attend my friend's wedding that is coming this weekend. So, I brought it for a wash as the texture felt a bit funny.

Dissapointment 2) I have too little experience washing vintage items and I washed it in soap and warm water. To my HORROR, it SHRUNK! Now it's 2 inches shorter and could hardly be worn as a dress! I almost wanted to cry out, I ruined 2 beautiful dress in one night! I wonder if it would be longer when it's dry? Anyone have advise on how to launder vintage clothes?

My last find is this beautiful velvet bolero jacket with an amazing beading at the cuffs, and the edges are lined with beautiful black trimmings.

I initially wanted to remove the beads as I had no idea what kind of look the beads can match with. However, they look just so beautiful that I just can't help but admire. I did not dare to launder it yet as I have no idea how it would turn out. Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on how to wear this? Or, should I just sell it to someone who love the jacket more than me? Hmmm...


  1. that chloe dress is beautiful with or without the sleeves! i'm so sorry for your disappointment, but i have a feeling that in the end, you will be happy with your pieces. and i think you might just take that last jacket to the cleaners!

  2. i think the chloe dress is fine w/o sleeves. long sleeves don't flatter my frame as well.

    i'd also just wash with soap or detergent and water. you can still use that hole-y garment as a layering agent. i can see lotsa possibilities with it as a tunic top.

    don't remove the beads on that last jacket! i have a suede one of similar shape. it 'crowds' me out, as a friend's told me, and a colleague told me not to wear too much black when i wore it once. but i'm keeping it and making sure i avoid the same mistakes. when you bought it, what did you have in mind? can it not work anymore?

  3. Thank you so much for your comfort and suggstions! I will learn from experiences I guess! :)
    Tom: My initial idea when I bought it from Salvation Army was to remove the beads. I will think again of how to wear it.

  4. Such a shame! I'm so sorry for your disappointments. That Chloe dress is fantastic I'm sure you can salvage it. Or take it to a tailors to get it mended? Your crochet top may be able to be stretched if you wet it with cold water and then stretch it by hand - that's what I did with a handwash dress I thought I had ruined and it was fine - just do it gently!

    Polly x

  5. aww i'm sorry about your two mishaps! laundering vintage is tricky, i usually hand wash mine, but in cold water and hanging them to dry can be alright too. as for the bolero, don't alter it! it looks perfect as is! and you should wear it with a little black dress and some sheer black (or black with polka dot) tights!!! and little black heels! all black!

  6. those disappointments really suck! at least you've got some gorgeous items, though, with or without defects!

    and the velvet jacket is LOVELY. black velvet is something I'm obsessed with right now. maybe wear it with a ruffle-y bow blouse? I bet it'd look great with a cream colored dress, too.

  7. I think the chloe dress is lovely without the sleeves! I completely understand the disappointment with ruining dresses....I have tried to shorten a number of dresses, only to accidently hem them too short, and ruin the dress!

  8. The Chloe dress is simply stunning! I have faith that you can make it work after shortening the sleeves; I think it'd look wonderful with short sleeves.

    Vintage clothes are so hard to work with since many of them don't come with a care label. I usually dry clean the ones that I'm afraid of ruining/shrinking but as for washing them myself, I can't give you any helpful advice! I suck.

  9. Thank you so much again for your suggestions! I will learn from all of them!