Monday, November 2, 2009

Bag outings and a concert

Thank you once again for the sweet comments on my crochet dress and A's lovely wedding!

This week my Boy and I went round for hotel hunting for our chinese wedding next year. It's such a tedious job, but I tried to make it slightly more fun. Each time we went for a hotel outing, I had a different vintage bag outing too!

Bag Outing 1: Vintage Aigner Bag from Ebay

This lovely bag was my 2nd vintage bag! Totally love the reddish brown leather and the amazing clasp with the Aigner logo. My collegue was so in love with it that she asked me to search for a same one for her. But I think I have yet to find any "twin" to my bag.
Pink sleveeless dress from Far East

Pink T- Shirt with DIY lace collar

Shoes from Topshop

Book "Coco Chanel A Biography"

Bag Outing 2: Vintage Tapestry Bag from etsy

I have always wanted to have a tapestry bag even before I started buying vintage. This lovely bag has a velvety feel to the floras and they "change colour" when seen at different angles! So far I do not have very good ideas on how to match this bag and am looking at other blogs for inspirations.

Grey T shirt from cotton on

Black skirt given to me by friend C

Belt and shoes from Far East

Bag Outing 3: Vintage Black Suede bag with gold rim

This is my latest buy from etsy! Pictures really don't do justice to it's lovely suede texture, which is still amazing despite the age. The gold rim just makes it even more lovely!

Dress from dorothy perkins

Black stockings from uniqlo

black oxfords from far east

Book "Coco Chanel A Biography"

This weekend my Boy and I had a special concert to go to. The concert had lots of elderly performing traditional chinese songs, and the crowd was mostly double our age.

Grey dress and black cardigen from Far East

Vintage Suede bag with gold rim

Black stockings from Uniqlo

Black Oxfords from Far East

The age of performers and crowd wasn't what made it special. It was the performers. My mom sang in the choir for the starting and ending (she's the one on the extreme left!) and my dad sang solo for 2 songs! While I met boy in my uni sports club, my mom and dad met years ago in the choir! Now that they have retired they are back singing. Wonder if boy and I will take up activities together next time when we are old.


  1. Every single one of your outfits are so darling! I just love your dress in the first photo, and your tapestry bag in the second!

    Thank you for your well wishes! :)

  2. aw you are so adorable in that little pink dress with the white peter pan collar! all of your bags are so great too!
    good luck on the planning of your Chinese wedding! I can't wait to hear more about what sorts of traditions are involved!

  3. Your pink dress with the peter pan collar is absolutely adorable! It fits and suits you wonderfully!

  4. your styling of the pink outfit is a clear winner.

    so sweet of your parents to revisit together their passion for singing. my ma's a member in a choral choir.

  5. Oh, I looovvee the pink dress with the lace collar! It looks adorable on you.

    It's so sweet that your parents are back in choir after they met each other there. I wish my parents would partake in something like that with each other!

  6. That pink dress and t-shirt goes so perfectly together - I love it! And those little bags are just beautiful. I love those wicker type bags and tapestry bags are currently a new obsession of mine so I'm very in love with yours.

    Your parents are adorable meeting in the choir and singing together - maybe you and Boy will start table tennis or something together?

    Polly x

  7. all of the bags are great, but i am just in love with that adorable pink dress with the pretty lace collar! it is so pretty on you!