Monday, September 5, 2011

What happened...

I must really apologise for being such a bad blogger. It's been more than 1/2 a year since my last post. SO much had happened. I went to Europe (Switzerland and Paris). Love it there!
Shifted into my own flat! It was more than a year of saving money, planning and now it's the final touches of packing and decorating.
I left my job of 5 years. A job that I love and I miss my colleagues a lot. But I am doing it so that I have a chance of pursuing my passions of fashion and make up. So I am looking for a job now. Wish me luck :)
In the mean time, I have set up a blog with a friend who is in Sweden now. Check out. :)
I have also started posting in chictopia and took up DIY projects like making accessories. Life is exciting. :) Hope to be blogging more often now.

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