Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Closet Family

Recently Strawberrykoi Vintage made a post on comfort dress. I just made 3 purchases recently, and I think they are my comfort dresses.
Boy is so busy recently, so shopping comforts my lonely heart. :P There are also some unexpected changes in work that is making me really worried about my work life next year. I am also wondering about my future, "What is it that I really want to do for the rest of my life? What is my calling?".
Now I am waiting (not very paitently) for these dresses to come and join my newly set up family of vintage clothes!
Oh, just to share that I am the ONLY one wearing vintage and second hand among my friends (though I just started recently), and I am super happy when I get compliments recently about my vintage finds. *Big Smiles*

Market Publique : chitownvintage

Ebay: Midwest Vintage Modern


  1. Aw those are lovely purchases! I can't wait to see you in these dresses. I love the lace in the blue dress. Spread the love of vintage among your friends!

    I think it is exciting to be in the process of deciding your future!

  2. These dresses are so sweet. I hope work gets sorted out; making "life decisions and settling the future" is so hard. I try not to think about it.

  3. i love the dress from etsy. how much did the ebay one cost?

    it's good to stay lucid during this period of trial. take care of your health while you go thru it.

  4. Hi, the ebay one costs S$40+ including shipping, US$19.90 for just the dress. :) Do you think it's a good buy?

  5. oh what a lovely dress!
    very cute.


    One Love,

  7. Your comfort dress picks are amazing and gorgeous! I love that blue dress!

  8. hi Ashley,

    if the dress doesn't require any alteration, i think that's a great price! i never could find anything on eBay. i mean, i'm guided by price, of course. so that limits my range. did you win by bidding or that's the bin price? i also have no patience for eBay as i don't like to be watching the bidding. so far, i've only managed to get a couple of cheap bags.

    how much is the etsy one?

  9. Hi,
    Think I am altering it shorter as it ends mid calf. But I have a sewing machine is it's not extra cost. It's an amazing buy, cause it's the bin price! Can understand that Ebay is super irritating cause I lost several bids.
    The etsy one is slightly cheaper at S$37, US$15 for the dress only.

  10. oh yes, i forgot you know how to sell. how nice. well i can't wait to see how you'll work the clothes once they've arrived. i'm now eyeing a vintage schrader on etsy. usd24 not incl shipping yet. there's a buy 2 get 1 free promo but nothing else that i fancied would fit me. bleh.