Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That Ribbon Girl

Oh... it has been months since I came up to blog...or even read blogs. This year at work is MADNESS. 12+ hours working days, and weekdays are also spent catching up with work. This is my short breather period of 1-2 days, so I decided to show you guys my new passion. RIBBONS!

I wear them everyday on my hair to work. Now I am termed the "libbon" girl, ya...ribbon that is pronounced with a L twist to it. I never really counted them till today, and I have 16! I am sure it will be increasing, yeah! I am also so fortunate to have great friends who help to add to my collection (the grey, the studded and the nautical ones are from my friends! Cool yeah!)

This is the few that I wear the most...

I have been quite into make-up recently. Mainly because my friend is taking a make up course, stirring up my interest (I am certified:P Took a course way back). Also because of the many wonderful make up tutorials I see on you tube. Two people whose uploads influenced me are Catalina and Gregory Gorgeous. Two very different people with totally different styles but one thing in similar, amazing make up skills! I love how both of them break down the steps of each style, and recommending the products that can be used. (I went shopping with a few items that got inspired my Gregory! Yeah)
The little stash that I got! All Mac and one Benefit.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your bows and ribbons are so gorgeous and darling! I tried making was an epic fail. It is harder than it seems!

  2. did you mean 'labbin'? lol. very sweet stuff. definitely not for me. many of my colleagues are wearing bows and ribbons one almost every part of their bodies.