Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Balloons and Me

How is everyone's new year! Hope these past 2 weeks were fantastic!

I had my highs and lows. My boy and I went for our pre-wedding photoshoot. Wonder if this is popular in other countries too, here it is quite common, just that the style and locations for shoots vary.

Mine was due for shoot at 3 outdoor locations with 3 dresses! I was so excited. I studied many magazines and sites and thought that balloons are the best props! So my boy and I ordered 15 balloons, 12 pink and white balloons in a bunch, and 3 red heart shaped balloons.

However the weather conditions were not on my side. It poured so heavily after 1 location and we had yet used our balloons. Our photographer was nice enough to take some random shots with balloons (not these you see... I can't get my pics yet). Towards the end our big bunch of balloons flew off before we decided to let it go.

I would be having another shoot cause I am determined to have outdoor shoots. Do help me pray for good weather. :P


  1. awww! I cannot wait to see your pre-wedding photos! I am so sorry it rained...I am sure they still turned out beautifully though! :)

  2. great choice, the balloons. sorry about the foul weather.