Monday, December 7, 2009

Trip to an eco- farm

Hi! I have been absent from the blogsphere for quite some time. Missed reading blogs. This however has a very good reason. I was away at an eco- farm (part of my work to go there), and was deprived of internet connection for almost a week.

I do not have any outfits to post (cause it was a bagpacking kind of trip). The top pic is a goffy one of me wearing 3 straw hats (the other 2 were for my friends).

This beautiful farm is in Malaysia, Kahang. I had the most memorable experience of going down the padi fields to try transplanting of rice.

Realised that Singapore is very fast paced and it was a real great getaway to just slow down and enjoy the nature around. I will miss the fresh night air, the cute rabbits there, but not the insects (sorry I have phobia for them).

Do you have any farm experience of this sort?


  1. Your trip to an eco farm sounds amazing! It looks incredible.

  2. these are some pretty awesome images. now i'm really curious about the details from your trip

  3. my brother will melt if he sees that rabbit. i've only been to an organic farm in singapore. outside, i've passed thru lots of remote country but have never really stepped foot on any.

  4. wow that's so cool! i have never done anything like that- i also have a fear of insects haha

  5. Wow! What an amazing trip! I've never done anything like that but it sounds wonderful. And that bunny is too cute!

  6. Wow, what an amazing location! You look beautiful by the way :)